THG Investments
A Private Investment Firm


We make investments successful.


We understand that local market knowledge combined with national resources is a real and valuable advantage. That’s why THG Investments is proud to utilize strategic best-in-class advisers and partners. We deliver results.  

THG Investments is a private investment firm with a focus of delivering quality risk-adjusted returns in healthcare oriented real estate and niche play healthcare operating companies for its clients and partners. 


Over 14 years in business,  THG Investments remains committed to its mission and values and continues to focus on their vision of being the investment partner of choice for their chosen clients.

Our advantages include some of the following: 

  • Calculated risk with delivered results

  • Flexible and nimble and able to move and act quickly

  • Takes advantage of valued opportunities in the market place

  • Sees through to exit strategy

  • Practices stringent asset management techniques

  • Mitigates downside risk

  • Protocols come by way of hard work and experience

  • Reputation for quality and integrity